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Help UNICEF be there for children when crises strike.

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Donate Now to Help Children in Emergencies

From the war in Ukraine to the conflicts in Syria and Yemen to the crisis in Gaza, children around the world are facing catastrophic emergencies like never before. Children caught in conflict, crisis and natural disasters can lose their access to food, water and shelter, and they are more vulnerable to disease, malnutrition and violence. 

UNICEF is always there in emergencies.

With our unmatched global reach and experience, UNICEF provides life-saving care, supplies and protection to children in crises like no other organization. We operate the world’s largest humanitarian warehouse and can deliver essential nutrition, safe water, shelter and medicine within 48 to 72 hours when an emergency strikes. In crisis-prone areas, we have prepositioned relief supplies to enable the swiftest response possible.

We are there before, during and after emergencies ready to provide vital assistance and hope to children and their families.

How will my donation help children in emergencies?


Can protect 523 children from deadly waterborne illnesses.


Can send therapeutic food to 421 children.


Can provide a School in a Box to teach 40 children.

Help us ensure children caught in emergencies have what they need to survive. Your generous donation will help UNICEF always be there to respond wherever and whenever the need is greatest.

Donate now to help UNICEF always be there for children in emergencies.

All donations are eligible for a tax credit as a charitable gift. If you prefer to donate by phone, please call
1 800 567 4483. We are available to answer your call 24/7.


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