Children ride in the back of a truck as families flee from Saraqeb and Ariha in south rural Idlib, Syria.
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Send lifesaving aid directly to Syria.

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Donate to Save Syrian Children

Nine years later, the children of Syria are still under attack. They have been killed, maimed and orphaned.

Schools and kindergartens—places that should be safe for all children no matter the circumstance—are being attacked. Children are dying simply by going to school.

These attacks come during a harsh winter where children are also dying from the cold. An entire generation of children have lived a life dominated by fear and instability.

We can’t stop the war. But we can stop the suffering by providing nutritious food, warm winter clothing and shelter, access to medicine, and safe spaces to play and learn.

We need your help to reach desperate children and their families with critical, life-saving essentials. Give these families the chance to survive. All donations are eligible for a tax credit as a charitable gift.

If you prefer to donate by phone, call 1 877 955 3111. We are available to answer your call 24/7.


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