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Send lifesaving aid directly to Syria.

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Donate to Help Children in Syria

After 11 years of war, many Syrian children have never known peace in their lifetime.

Over 13.4 million people, including 6.1 million children, are in urgent need of immediate assistance. And with the added impacts of COVID-19, your gift is more critical than ever.

Your donation today will help UNICEF reach children with nutritious food, safe water, access to education, health care, and safe spaces to play and learn.

UNICEF has been on the ground in Syria and in refugee camps in neighbouring countries since the conflict began, providing those affected with support.

Help reach children and families in Syria with critical, life-saving aid. Donate today.

All donations are eligible for a tax credit as a charitable gift. If you prefer to donate by phone, please call 1 877 955 3111. We are available to answer your call 24/7.


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