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Donate to UNICEF’s Rohingya Crisis Relief Fund

Monsoon rains hit Rohingya refugee camps, raising risks for thousands of children

Torrential rain and strong winds are hitting Rohingya refugee camps and makeshift, threatening the health and safety of thousands of children as the first major storms of the monsoon season arrive in south-eastern Bangladesh.

A rapid assessment following the latest rains found that of the almost 10,000 refugees directly affected, over 65 per cent were affected by wind, more than one-in-four (27 per cent) by land-slides, and 4 per cent suffered from severe water-logging or flooding.

As the monsoon rains intensify, so do the dangers that children face – not only injury, separation or even death as a result of landslides and flooding, but also disease, and a lack of access to vital services including health and education.

Urgent support is needed to avert further catastrophe for thousands of children.


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