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Yemen is facing the world’s largest humanitarian crisis and COVID-19.

Thanks to a generous match provided by the Lawrence Schafer Foundation, your Yemen Emergency Fund gift today will be DOUBLED up to $250,000.

The Middle East’s most impoverished country has been devastated by a deadlocked civil war, and children are paying the highest price. Social services are barely functional. The economy is in ruins. Nearly every single child in Yemen needs emergency assistance – that’s more than 12.2 million children.

And now they face COVID-19. 

Restrictions on fuel and food imports have forced millions of Yemenis to rely on humanitarian food assistance. They need your help today.

Your donation will go to reach Yemen’s vulnerable children and families. UNICEF is working day in and day out to supply nutrition, healthcare, COVID-19 response support and other vital services to children. But we can’t do it without you. UNICEF relies entirely on voluntary contributions.

Since the start of the outbreak, UNICEF has shipped over 33,000 N95 respirators, 33,000 face shields, and 18,000 gowns -- crucial personal protective equipment needed by frontline workers. But this represents just 5 per cent of the COVID-19 supplies UNICEF requires. But so much more needs to be done.

Thank you for your support to the children of Yemen.


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