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Women and babies around the world need your help. 

Add your voice to UNICEF’s urgent call and sign this petition to tell the Government of Canada:

It is unacceptable that globally, 7,000 newborns die every day of mostly preventable causes – especially when we know the solutions.

We can — together — ensure:
For every child, many days of firsts 


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Join in our call to Save Newborn Lives!

Around the world today, 395,000 newborn babies will see their mother for the first time.

They will be held in warm arms for the first time.
They will feel the world’s air for the first time.
They will embark on their first minutes, first hours, and many days of firsts that will shape the years of their life. 

Tragically, 7,000 newborn babies will not survive their first day – the majority from preventable causes.

We know the solutions and we must act now, together. To save newborn lives, UNICEF is calling on the world to ensure every adolescent girl and woman, starting with the most vulnerable, has access to:

  • Functional health facilities with electricity, running water, soap and blankets;
  • Health workers who are trained and equipped with the right tools;
  • Life-saving medicines and equipment, including basics like antibiotics, antiseptics, oxygen and thermometers for newborns; and
  • Knowledge and support that empowers her to demand and receive quality healthcare. 

The combination of these efforts will strengthen the healthcare system for everyone.

The Government of Canada has led significant progress to reduce child deaths around the world, but we CAN and MUST do more for mothers and newborns in disadvantaged regions, where they don’t have quality healthcare, good nutrition or clean water.

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