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Donate to end preventable newborn deaths

More than 80% of all newborn deaths are caused by 3 preventable and treatable conditions

Research led by UNICEF has revealed that complications from premature birth; complications during delivery; and infections like sepsis, meningitis and pneumonia are the leading causes of death for babies within their first month of life. These outcomes are unacceptable.

We know the world has the tools and treatments to stop preventable newborn deaths. But life-saving help is still not reaching those who need it most.

Too many expectant mothers are living with worry in harsh conditions – without quality healthcare, good nutrition or clean water. Babies who are born in the riskiest places for their mothers to give birth are up to 50 times more likely to die within 28 days than babies who are born in the world’s safest places.

Together, we can end preventable newborn deaths in our lifetime.  

Your gift today will support all the work UNICEF does to protect and save children’s lives.


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