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Send this letter to the federal party leaders so they can hear young people’s priorities as governments re-open Canada:


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Dear Canada, From Youth

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We’ve stayed home to save lives. We’ve helped #FlattenTheCurve, #PlankTheCurve, #CrushTheCurve and everything in between. We’ve done our part to protect others. 

Now that Canada’s lockdown is ending, it’s time to prove that we really are stronger together.

Children and youth are the generation that is most affected by the social and economic impacts of the pandemic response, because it is taking a toll on all aspects of their lives at a critical time in their development and because they will carry the impacts the longest.

The Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada, Child Welfare League of Canada, Saskatchewan Youth in Care and Custody, The Students Commission of Canada, UNICEF Canada, Vancouver Aboriginal Child and Family Services Society, YMCA Canada, and Youth in Care Canada brought together young people from across the country to write this letter to Canada. They’ve been locked down and cut off from so much of their childhoods.

Please send this letter to party leaders to help ensure that the ideas, needs and priorities of young people are their priority as Canada moves from crisis to recovery.


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