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Immediate support needed to help protect children

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Stand up for children in need

With the ongoing effects and aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, global health systems remain on the edge of collapse. Vital health services such as nutrition programs and life-saving routine immunizations are being threatened, and millions of children are still out of school. While much has been accomplished, the threats to children’s safety, health and their right to a childhood continue to rise.

Vulnerable children need your immediate help.

Your donation today will help ensure:

  • The ongoing delivery of critically needed nutrition programs
  • Life-saving routine immunization programs continue uninterrupted
  • Millions will have access to safe water and sanitation facilities
  • Children will continue learning through remote learning resources

Your support will help save lives and ensure the future that children have a right to.

Please give today.

We thank you for choosing to donate to UNICEF.

Every dollar makes a big difference to a child in need, and monthly donations are a powerful way to have a year-round impact.

If you choose to give monthly, you will be joining an exclusive group of donors who receive regular videos, emails and reports about the impact of UNICEF’s work. Your gift will help children every single day by investing in their health, safety and future all year long.

UNICEF works in over 190 countries and territories to provide vulnerable children with food, safe water, healthcare and education. Each donation from you helps us achieve our mission of defending every child’s right to a childhood.


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