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Send a letter to the candidates in your riding now and let them know that your vote is a #VoteForEveryChild: 


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The federal election is our chance to stand with children in Canada and around the world. Let your candidates know that they matter to you. 

Canada should be the best place in the world for children to grow up.  
Canada should be a champion for children’s rights internationally. 

These two statements may sound straightforward, but children and their issues rarely get much airtime during elections. We need your voice to change that. 

The candidates vying to represent your riding in parliament are members of your community. You may know them from the dog park, see them at your local grocer, or maybe your kids attend the same school. Chances are, if they haven’t already come to knock on your door, they will do so in the coming weeks. 

Now is the time to have an honest discussion with your candidates about the issues that matter to you. Tell them you expect your future Member of Parliament to prioritize the health and safety of the 8 million children in Canada. Tell them to stand with children everywhere.

Will you join us and make your vote in this election a #VoteforEveryChild?

Team UNICEF Canada


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