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Donate to Help Reach Children in Afghanistan

UPDATE: A devastating earthquake has hit eastern Afghanistan, killing hundreds with numbers feared to rise and leaving many more injured. UNICEF has dispatched assessment teams along with several mobile health and nutrition teams to provide first aid to those who are injured.

Give $100 today and help send urgent life-saving humanitarian aid to 342 children and families affected by the earthquake by making a donation to UNICEF’s Afghanistan Emergency Fund today.

What’s happening in Afghanistan?

Afghanistan is one of the most dangerous places to be a child. Right now, the situation is desperate. It is a country on the brink of collapse due to prolonged conflict, chronic poverty, economic crisis and drought, and children are paying a horrific price.

More than 12.9 million children are in urgent need of humanitarian assistance to survive. Without immediate action, more than 1 million children under age five could be so severely malnourished that they will be at risk of death.

There is an urgent need for protection and assistance now.

Even in the face of extremely difficult circumstances, UNICEF’s work for children, women and families in Afghanistan will continue. We have no intention of leaving. But we urgently need your help.

Give today to provide emergency assistance to children, women and families affected by the ongoing crisis and earthquake in Afghanistan. If you prefer to give by phone, call 1-877-955-3111. We are available to answer your call 24/7.


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